Yoga Asana

Step Onto Your Mat, and Into Your Life


There are many benefits to a physical yoga practice. The poses increase flexibility, improve strength, reduce stress, release energy blockages, and assist in better sleep. The practice of asana invites students to investigate ideas such as acceptance, surrender, competition, and annoyance. Yoga offers a vehicle through which practitioners can experiment with how they interact with life, and uncover the peace within.


Yoga Asana Services

There are a variety of students seeking a yoga practice, so I’ve designed my services to best fit my clients. I offer different levels of support depending on the client’s goal. Sessions are offered for individuals or groups, short or long-term.

Individual instruction
$50.00/Hr. | $175.00/4 Hrs.

For the student who already has an established in-home practice and is wanting feedback on alignment or input for expanding their practice.

Set up in-home practice
$450/12 Hrs., 2x/wk

For the student who is wanting to develop an in-home practice and needs assistance in sequencing poses or wanting poses for a specific purpose.

Introduction to yoga
$25.00/individual, $275.00/8 Hrs., 2x/wk

For the student who wants to attend regular classes at a gym or studio, but feels they need an introduction to the poses first.

$20.00/Person for groups of 2 or more

For the student who prefers to have individual or small group sessions in their home on a regular basis.


Kind Words from Clients

Bring home inspiration

Bring Home Inspiration

Inspiration is all around us. One of my favorite places to be to receive it is out in nature. Though I take a lot of landscape and wildlife pictures, I came across the ones featured here from another photographer. The images sparked words in my imagination. Perhaps they’ll ignite something in you.

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Yoga Workshop

This is not a typical yoga workshop! Yoga presents many unknowns and misconceptions for the new student. I developed this workshop as a foundation to beginning the practice. Included is a brief history of the many schools of yoga, and how they are similar. We continue with a definition and demonstration of the components that constitute the physical practice. The workshop concludes with gentle asana (physical postures) that lead into a Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) session. For some, this is the highlight of the workshop! With a broader look at the techniques of yoga, I hope to pique the participants’ interest to delve deeper.

Besides the physical benefits of yoga, the practice offers a way to handle the

highs and lows of life with more grace and less stress. I have been instructing individuals and groups since 2009. Over time, students report how their balance and strength have improved, they’ve become more flexible, and they sleep better. The joy I’ve found in this practice, and my love for teaching, combine to create an educational and relaxing experience. You only need to bring a mat and wear comfortable clothing. You’ll leave with a handout, and a thorough introduction of this 5,000 year old science.

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