A Healing Modality


Reiki is a Japanese word that relates to ‘hands-on healing’. Rei is the root word for universal, and Ki (Chi or Qi in China, Prana in India) is life force energy. This intelligent flow is what a healer directs to the body, where it disperses to places that need healing. A Reiki session is designed to promote relaxation and offer the recipient an opportunity for healing and rebalancing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. A practitioner may place their hands on specific places on the body, or allow for a few inches between their hands and the client’s body.


Reiki Services

I completed the training of Master Healer in 2009, from a practicing Reiki healer. Since then, I’ve used this treatment on animals, human clients, and myself. In my experience, it has been a gradual lessening of physical pain and a balancing of energies in the body.


Reiki Session
$50.00/Individual Session

I don’t believe Reiki is meant to replace Western medicine, but can enhance and compliment medical treatment. I use hands-on when I perform Reiki on myself, and sometimes with animals, but always with people my hands are a few inches from the physical body. Comfortable clothing and a place to lie down are all that is needed for a session. There is no set number of treatments that are recommended for optimal results.

Kind Words from Clients

Bring home inspiration

Bring Home Inspiration

Inspiration is all around us. One of my favorite places to be to receive it is out in nature. Though I take a lot of landscape and wildlife pictures, I came across the ones featured here from another photographer. The images sparked words in my imagination. Perhaps they’ll ignite something in you.

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