A Healthy, Peaceful LIfe


The one life goal for every human being is to be happy. What that looks like for each of us, however, is different. Everyone has their own source of inspiration to follow in their attempts to fulfill their desires. For some, it might be healing or teaching, or developing businesses and giving others jobs so that their employees may pursue their own happiness. This is part of my attempt to do what brings me joy, which is helping others and creating art.

The teachings of yoga have encouraged me to interact with life differently, often with less frustration and more ease. My writing has always been with me, I just didn’t pay attention to it. I believe we’re all creative, but only some choose to explore that aspect of themselves. When what inspires me to live more artfully is something I can share with others, and maybe spark an area of growth within them, then I offer it.

My observation of, and interaction with, nature reminds me of my place in the universe. The result is that through the lens of my understanding of yoga, and the recognition of my creative impulses, I’ve blended words and photography and postures to offer some of my insight to others.


Inspiration in Motion

Photographs of nature inspire me. I often take my own, but when I saw these, words moved from my heart to the page. I return to nature to fill up my creative well. View the video, and if there’s a particular picture that speaks to you, each image is available as a poster so that you can bring the inspiration home.

Lingering Hand of Creation

This collection of portraits and poems is an attempt to capture the essence that is Alaska, paired with how the natural world can lead humanity from the confines of the mind to the joy that dwells within each of us. Choose a picture or a poem to begin the journey within. May nature offer you a glimpse of peace.

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Meditation in Motion

For me, there is little separation between art and life, and yoga and life. I created this video by merging postures and inspirational thoughts. Because the poses and words flow through me, I can’t say which came first. My invitation is for you to view the video, and notice if anything moves within you.

A Journey of Transformation

In this collection of poems, I’m offering my comprehension of the ideas and techniques available through this practice to aid in your own. There’s room to make your own notes regarding your discoveries and understandings, or to use an intention for a class or your personal practice. Keep this within reach so that when epiphanies arise and dots are connected, they can be recorded and used as candle flame to light another’s way.

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