Professional Development

As part of my experience in education, I spent ten years providing professional development for my district, across the state, and at international conferences. Many districts require teachers to attend professional development sessions during half-days. Often, these trainings are about school or district-wide programs and don’t directly correlate to the act of teaching and learning that occurs inside the classroom. I understand what teachers look for in training opportunities and materials that they use in the classroom.

Training Services: Teacher Training

The training sessions I offer are directly related to teaching and learning. Instead of ‘one more thing’, I invite teachers to build concepts based on how the brain learns and the connection between skills. Using multiple modalities and addressing both the strengths and weaknesses of their students, everyone moves toward success.

Textbook to Technology

Math is more interactive when the students have tools in their hands that engage them in learning. The TI-73 Graphing Calculator is one such tool. I will demonstrate how one-dimensional textbook pages can turn into a multi-modality lesson by beginning with the concrete and moving to technology to help bridge the abstract gap.


Two Hour Session

Half Day Session

Full Day Session


Graphing the Concrete

There is so much to be learned by graphing! A great way to start out is with a Human Bar Graph. From there, several survey questions will lead to other manipulatives that can be used as the ‘concrete’ part of the graphing exercise. Moving on to technology allows the students to easily manipulate data or the display to make inferences about what they see.

Sell Your Lesson Plan Idea

It’s a common practice for teachers to create lesson plans and teaching materials for their own use. It would benefit both of us if I presented your idea along with my own. Complete the form if you have an idea or classroom materials that you feel would benefit others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Real Numbers Kit

My Real Numbers Kit offers ample practice for students working individually, or it can be used for whole group instruction. Two game boards, two varieties of Bingo (including chips), Cooperative Learning © activities, whiteboard activities, a learning log, and quizzes with a recording sheet are all stored conveniently in clasp envelopes inside a plastic letter-size envelope that stores easily in a file cabinet.



Managing Your Space

Learn how applying some simple ideas for classroom management can make your teaching more effective when you and your students work together in this FREE tip sheet.

Free WhitePaper: Managing Your Space