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I offer resources and tutoring services to students in order to assist them in acquiring the skills necessary to complete their homework, understand concepts, and pass exams so they excel in the classroom.

Helping your child achieve their own greatness through progressively learning skills to increase their success is one area that I focus on. Don’t allow homework requirements to instigate a battle between parent and student. Learning mathematics concepts can be problematic because if the basics aren’t understood, then higher-level classes are affected. Society is language-based, so the ability to read and write with ease and confidence is a cornerstone for success. From study skills to direct instruction, there are many levels where I can support a student, from one who is struggling, to one who wants to excel.

Tutoring Services

As an experienced, certified teacher my understanding of the K-12 education system offers support on many levels to parents and students as they continue on the road to school success.


Tutoring Services

Experienced Educator

Teaching was my first career choice. I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a dual degree in Special Education, an emphasis on Emotionally Disabled, and Elementary Education. Moving on to University of Phoenix, I earned an endorsement for Learning Disabilities. Continuing at this institution, I completed my Masters in Educational Counseling. Understanding the importance of language in school and life success, and seeing many students struggle with reading and writing, I was trained as an Academic Language Therapist. After several years, I shifted my focus to mathematics.

Using technology for discovery learning, as a tool for further investigation and data collection,

and for assessment was a result of my training by Texas Instruments in their Technology for All Students (Tfas) and their Teachers Teaching with Technology (T3) programs. Due to the amount of time, effort, and funds I had spent on growing my own education in order to help my students, I spent over ten years as a leader in Professional Development. I’ve presented workshops in the areas of reading, mathematics, and technology integration within the district, Arizona, and at international conferences.

Though I’ve been a classroom teacher at the high school and middle school level, I’ve worked one-on-one with tutor and homebound students from second grade through college, from learning the alphabet to College Algebra. I currently hold six certifications in the State of Arizona, and have held positions at public, private, and charter schools, in Special Education and General Education classes.


Michele Venne's training resources

Professional Development

With over 25 years in the field of public education, I understand the immediate classroom application teachers look for in training opportunities.