Yogis All


These 25 poems invite the practitioner to view differently some of the techniques of yoga. The tools included in this project are meant to support the light of understanding.


With this collection of poems, Michele Venne is offering her comprehension of the ideas and techniques available through this practice to aid in your own. The pages are printed on one side . . . to allow you, the reader and practitioner, to make your own notes regarding your discoveries, your understandings. The pen is for convenience, the pocket is to hold quotes or articles or business cards, the binder clips are for marking favorite pages or for adding your pages to this collection. Travel with it in your car, carry it into the studio, rest it on the floor beside your Zafu, or wherever you spend time, keep this within reach so that when epiphanies arise and dots are connected, they can be recorded and used as candle flame to light another’s way.