The Tanner Trilogy


The 3 Tanner siblings have their lives irrevocably changed with the single pull of a trigger. As Carli adjusts to running the business, Ethan acquaints himself with the Wyoming wilderness. A terror from Samantha’s past revisits her, but brings Cole to her for a second chance at happiness. As Shaun compiles information and evidence to locate and arrest the criminals in his town before someone else gets hurt, Fiona and Ian offer Shaun an opportunity for different life.

Of Dolphins and Desires

Of Dolphins and Desires

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Carli Tanner returns to Wyoming to discover her father’s death was no accident. FBI Agent Ethan Brooks is sent to offer assistance to the local law enforcement, but the wilderness of Wyoming and the new owner of Tanner’s Outdoor Adventures offer him an opportunity to redefine his life. Samantha Tanner and Cole Branson share a history, but one vicious act tore them apart. As threats from an unknown source escalate, Cole’s memories of Sam and their time together as teenagers spark the realization of his heart’s desire. Sheriff Shaun Tanner of Centennial, Wyoming, works to compile evidence to arrest the local bad boy, and investigates where his family’s nemesis has been hiding. Hired to be in charge of Marketing and Public Relations, Fiona Casey, and her son Ian, settle into the lodge. Shaun might hide his feelings and how he deals with them, but Fiona has a secret of her own.