The Roanoak Series (Books 1-3)


Books 1-3 in the Roanoak Series introduces Dane and Raven, Darius and Sophia, Gavin and Adele, Kaden and Gabrielle, Zander and Soren, Anson and Lila, and Rhys and Kiera and the path they are set upon to break Nyla’s Curse. Through magic and abilities, the brothers and their Others must defeat Baltura, or all will perish. Step into a place where warhorses, swords, magic, destiny, castles, and paranormal talents mingle with the constant battle of good vs. evil. Will this be Baltura’s victory, or will love truly conquer all?



The Roanoak Series tells the tale of seven brothers and their Others who must find each other, and then work together, in order to defeat the evil that plagues the land. In Books 1-3, the reader is introduced to Nyla’s Curse, which started it all. The lives and personalities of the seven Roanoak brothers and the gifted women who are destined to help them break the Curse lead the reader into a magical world.
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