Stars and Secrets and Prophecies and Promises bundle


The 3 Tanner siblings have their lives irrevocably changed with the single pull of a trigger. As Carli adjusts to running the business, Ethan acquaints himself with the Wyoming wilderness. A terror from Samantha’s past revisits her, but brings Cole to her for a second chance at happiness. As Shaun compiles information and evidence to locate and arrest the criminals in his town before someone else gets hurt, Fiona and Ian offer Shaun an opportunity for different life.

Of Gifts and the Goddess

Of Gifts and the Goddess

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Kiersten encounters Aiden on Station 5 where he joins in her travels to assist in attempting to release her brother from incarceration and deliver the vaccine to Windmere. Secrets place them in danger from the feared Vancurelians, and they must decide if their discoveries will save lives and join the most powerful planets in an effort to advance the Alliance. Skyler was brought to Dulsar and raised as the adopted daughter of Princess Kiersten and Prince Aiden. Plagued by the mystery of a prophesy, her search for answers takes her across galaxies in the company of Gage St. Veritas. In the millennia since the words of the Prophesy were recorded, the desire for power has grown. Can the Alliance withstand the forces that seek to destroy it, or will the High Council crumble?