Roanoak: Nyla’s Curse


This first novella entices the reader to follow the stories of seven brothers and their Others that have a chance to utilize their gifts to break the curse of a scorned witch.

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In a time when women with magical healing powers were revered, one fell in love
with the son of the ruling family. Cast aside for the betrothed chosen by his parents,
the scorned witch cursed the Roanoaks. After many generations effected by Nyla’s
fury, there were eventually seven male heirs of Roanoaks, each with their own
unique powers, born into a single family. They have the opportunity to finally break
the Curse. To do so, they need to locate and enlist the help of the Others, seven
women gifted with their own special abilities. But evil grows, amassing its own
army. Magic and power course through the land, but it takes more than obligation or
a strong will to win this battle. Will the Curse prevail allowing darkness to engulf the
land, or will the Roanoaks and the Others be victorious?