Of Warriors and Wisdom, Roanoak Book 3


Book 3 in the Roanoak Series focuses on Rhys and Kiera. They find shelter in Doveton, but it’s not as safe as they believe. The Roanoak brothers and their Others work to bring Rhys and Kiera home alive. Baltura’s interest is piqued, so he personally investigates the identity of the travelers in Doveton.

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Rhys and Kiera on their own . . . Finding themselves several moonrisings north of Roanoak, Rhys makes a decision. With Kiera injured, he seeks a healer. What they discover in Doveton ticks off the moments until an inevitable confrontation with Baltura. Behind the castle walls at Roanoak, the six brothers and their others devise a plan to assist Rhys and Kiera. As the Curse approaches its climax, the brothers realize they must combine their abilities to defeat the evil that brands the earth.

 Steps are taken to bring Gabrielle closer to Kaden. Dane adjusts to life with Raven, and his protectiveness is challenged. While Zander, Anson, Darius, and Gavin ply their powers, it’s up to Soren, Lila, Sophia, and Adele to support the brothers in bringing Rhys and Kiera home, alive.