Of Dolphins and Desires


This tale, with undercurrents of corruption and drugs, encourages the reader to dive in with Courtney Swanson and Logan Phelps on their adventure South of the Border.

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Recovering from his injuries inflicted by a South American Drug Cartel while undercover, Logan Phelps was only to do recon as Professor Perkins when he gained an invitation to dine with Courtney Swanson, the daughter of a California Senator who was completing her doctorate using wild dolphins to detect drug drops off the coast of Baja, Mexico. The attraction between the two is immediate and explosive, just like the Mexican gang sent to detain Courtney. A private company, The Agency, hired by Senator Swanson to protect his daughter, is kept from carrying out the job due to immigrant rioting along the Mexico-California border. It becomes a race against time to save Courtney and Logan in Tijuana from two separate entities that wish them harm, as well as finding the mole in The Agency before any operatives are killed.