Of Art and Air


Book One of the Tanner Trilogy introduces the reader to Carli Tanner and Ethan Brooks. In the Wyoming wilderness, an act of betrayal creates improbable events.

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Carli Tanner, world-renowned photojournalist for International Views, captures exotic landscapes in a South American jungle, when a telegram arrives to deliver the devastating news that her father is dead. Returning to Wyoming, the place of her childhood and Bear Tanner’s game preserve, Carli discovers that his death was no accident. Her sister, Samantha Tanner, who runs their father’s ranch in Colorado, along with Shaun Tanner, their brother and Sheriff of Sherman, Wyoming, realize the worse of betrayals come from those closest to them. As a special request from the Director of the FBI, Agent Ethan Brooks is sent to Wyoming to offer assistance to the local law enforcement in identifying who killed Bear Tanner. Having lived only in the big cities on the East Coast, the wilderness of Wyoming and the new owner of Tanner’s Outdoor Adventures offer Ethan an opportunity to redefine his life. Agent Brooks has a unique way of solving cases, and he’ll need to employ all of his skills, and those of Sheriff Tanner, if they are to determine if Bear’s murderer is also guilty of the threats against the Tanner siblings.