Cracked Heart


A collection of 75 poems that reflect life observations and changes. Included is a chapter on how the reader can play with writing poetry and using poetry for healing.

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The best fodder for the Muse are life’s events and circumstances. We all have had situations that molded us, forced us to grow, made us strong, even when we would have chosen an easier path, one with a lot less pain, hard work, and challenges. For me, writing has become a way of reflecting on life, a chance to process what happened, and an avenue for healing. I pondered the Japanese practice of wabi sabi, highlighting a crack in a jar or pot and often filling it with gold or other precious metals, while compiling the poems in this collection. The fractures formed during my journey have been filled with my words written in poetry, short stories, and novels. If these poems incite your own reflection and healing through creativity, I invite you to read the section on utilizing writing to record your poetic thoughts on a life.