People I Like

Friends of My Joy Enterprises

For every adventure we embark upon, there are those who join us to offer support and expertise. I’m honored to share with you those that have helped me in my journey.

I decided at the inception of this business that my clients would best be served by my creativity and skills. I chose to find others, talented and knowledgeable in fields that I am not, willing to assist me so I can concentrate on my strengths. I have developed a partnership with the following trusted professionals, and would absolutely recommend them to anyone seeking services in their respective fields. Their support, expertise, open communication, willingness to exchange ideas, artistic abilities, and positive attitudes make them wonderful to work with.

IT Web Works

Web and Application Development

Betty Heim built this website. Additions to my products and services, updates in my News & Press and blogs, and any alterations rest competently with Betty. She is fluent in the language of technology! Her education and experience with building websites and apps is solid. I’m grateful for her patient and caring responses to my requests and questions.

Studio Skye

Visual Design for Print and Web

Lilly Skye is the artistic talent behind the design of this website. She is also the sole creator of my book covers, for which she has won an award! A summary of the manuscript, a few of my ideas, manifest into incredible depictions of the content of my books under her care. I’m grateful for her patient and caring support as we make creative decisions.

Jeri Peter

Typesetting and Administrative Support

Jeri Peter takes my handwritten manuscripts and turns them into digital documents. She is the first to read and edit my stories, and I value the feedback she offers. Jeri also compiles my products. I can give her a pile of raw material, and she returns to me a product that is professionally assembled and more attractive than I imagined. I’m grateful for her thoughtful thoroughness and helpful support.

Springsteel PC

Tax, Accounting, and Business Consulting

Rachel Springsteel takes care of the accounting. Each month, she receives an envelope from me with receipts and handwritten notes. From that, she’s able to keep track of my inventory and my taxes. Her expertise in this area allows me to create products and services. I’m grateful for her quick responses, knowledge, and reliability.

Infinity Photographic

Portraiture Photography

Michael Rossi is responsible for the photographs you see of me on this website. He has an eye for light. Taking my few ideas, his positive energy and artistic sense transformed daily interactions with my horses into intimate moments of love. His creativity also shows in the photographs in the Meditation in Motion video. I’m grateful for his artistic talent and ability to capture something rare.