From Writer to Yogi to Writer

Local Author Utilizes Talent to Record Growth

—Unaware of the organic transformation she was on the precipice of, local author Michele Venne began the Advanced Studies and Teacher Training Program at Yoga Pura, a Valley yoga studio. Three-fourths through the training, poems describing the various techniques employed by students of yoga were being formed in the mind of the author. As with many aspects of the author’s life, this group of writings morphed into Yogis All: A Journey of Transformation, Volume I, which is so much more than “just a handful of poems about yoga”. Besides the words, whose intention are to inspire other practitioners, Michele includes items such as a pen, funky clips, and a pocket for storing the user’s own writings, clippings from newspapers or magazines, or whatever else arises that help them make connections from the mat to life.
One Love Yoga, at 20831 N. Scottsdale Rd., is graciously hosting date number five in the “7 Books and
7 Dates” tour on November 2, 2013, from 9-11 a.m. Stop by to visit the studio, including the class offerings and
items in their boutique that everyone might enjoy. Michele will be available for questions regarding her
transformation and inspiration. She’ll also do a reading, have signed copies, give aways, refreshments, and
there’s a slideshow set to music.


Michele Venne, after consistent distraction by the characters and scenes that unfolded on the movie screen in her mind, began recording her stories in 2004, and published her first novel in 2008. Michele’s first two publications, Of Gifts and the Goddess, set in historical Ireland, and Of Dolphins and Desires, a contemporary fiction that takes place in Mexico and California, are stand alone novels. Her fourth book, Of Prophecies and Promises, is the sequel to Of Stars and Secrets, “because Skyler needed her own story,” Michele explains as her reason for the follow up to the futuristic romantic thriller. All of her books include an introductory “Dear Reader” letter and concludes with “Questions to Ponder”, as she encourages readers to contemplate their opinions and beliefs of societal ills. In between novel-length stories, Michele has penned two books of poems, Yogis All: A Journey of Transformation Volume I, and Lingering Hand of Creation, with Fine Art Photographer Billy Joe Rhoades. She taught for over 21 years in public education, working with at-risk teenagers who were not fond of school due to learning and emotional issues. After earning several other certifications, her quest to more artfully adapt to an evolving society led her to complete a 500-hour teacher training in Classic Yoga in 2009, and Yoga Nidra in 2012. Michele, living near Cave Creek, Arizona, now devotes herself to the joys of riding her horses, tutoring, writing, and yoga.