From a Facebook Bedtime Story to a Published Work

Book Number Ten for Novelist is Actually a Novella

Award winning author Michele Venne decided to create a story and post it in installments on Facebook as a way to increase her readership. The idea worked, more than doubling the number of “likes” on her Author Page! Used to creating 170,000 word novels, Venne is publishing her first novella. Roanoak: Nyla’s Curse is the first book in a series, which is something the author has written before. This paranormal romance introduces the reader to seven brothers born into a single family after generations of strife and political unrest. Each of the brothers possess a powerful supernatural ability. Before they can strike at Baltura and break the Curse, they must first locate and enlist the help of seven Others. These women have unique talents of their own. Together, they’ll discover that it takes more than will and strength to be victorious.

Part of Venne’s third novel, Of Stars and Secrets, includes the rescue of a five year old girl. In the sequel, Of Prophecies and Promises, the girl, Skyler, grows up and continues the story of the Alliance. It was after the publication of this sequel that the author decided to try the next step, and create a series. The Tanner Trilogy is the result. A tale of three siblings dogged by an unknown danger begins with Of Art and Air, featuring Carli Tanner and Ethan Brooks, set in the wilderness of Wyoming. This novel has won two awards, a Bronze in the Global Ebook Awards and was a finalist in the International Book Awards. Book two in the Tanner Trilogy, Of Hoof Prints and Heartbeats, takes the reader to Colorado where Samantha Tanner and Cole Branson battle a ghost from their past. This novel has won a Gold for content and a Silver for the cover from the Global Ebook Awards, and also won the category of Fiction:Romance for the International Book Awards. The final book in the trilogy, available in print by the end of 2016, brings the reader back to Wyoming and the lives of Shaun Tanner and Fiona Casey. The threat is finally identified, but may not be removed as easily as the Tanners hope. Because of Venne’s experience in creating series, and the story that continues to flash in her imagination regarding the characters introduced in Roanoak: Nyla’s Curse, she’ll be publishing at least seven other books in the Roanoak Series.


Michele Venne is the award-winning author of six romantic thrillers, two collections of poetry, and a contributor to a flash fiction anthology. She published her first novel in 2008 when the opening scene kept playing itself in her mind. All of her books include an introductory “Dear Reader” letter and concludes with “Questions to Ponder”. Michele holds numerous certifications in education. She spends her days with the joyful practices of yoga, teaching, writing, and playing with her horses.