Arizona Author Wins Bronze Award

Of Art and Air, Book One of the Tanner Trilogy was just awarded the Bronze Medal from Global EBook Awards. Arizona author, Michele Venne, is ecstatic with the news.

“I’ve had readers tell me how much they liked the story, but winning an award gives some measure of credibility to my work instead of just me telling anyone who will listen how much I think they would enjoy the read,” says Venne.

The novel, her fifth, and what she believes is her best work to date, was released in June 2014. Print versions of all of her books are available through her website,, and ebook versions of her novels are available at Kindle, B&N Nook, iTunes, and Kobo.

“Being an indie author has been an amazing journey, with the learning curve more like a roller coaster ride. But I don’t travel this path alone. I have a fantastic graphic designer who creates my covers, a talented and supportive web designer who handles many of the technology aspects of my business, and since I handwrite all of my work, except my blogs, my typist is the first one who sees the story, and the first to edit.” Venne has given workshops and talks on what it’s like to be an indie author, the trials and the rewards, and how it “takes a village” to properly release a book into the world.

The back blurb of the book: Carli Tanner, world-renowned photojournalist for International Views, captures exotic landscapes in Africa and a South American jungle, when a telegram arrives to deliver the devastating news that her father is dead. Returning to Wyoming, the place of her childhood and Bear Tanner’s game preserve, Carli discovers that his death was no accident. Her sister, Samantha Tanner, who runs their father’s ranch in Colorado, along with Shaun Tanner, their brother and Sheriff of Centennial, Wyoming, realize the worst of betrayals come from those closest to them. As a special request from the Director of the FBI, Agent Ethan
Brooks is sent to Wyoming to offer assistance to the local law enforcement in identifying who killed Bear Tanner. Having lived only in the big cities on the East Coast, the wilderness of Wyoming and the new owner of Tanner’s Outdoor Adventures offer Ethan an opportunity to redefine his life. Agent Brooks has a unique way of solving cases, and he’ll need to employ all of his skills, and those of Sheriff Tanner, if they are to determine if Bear’s murderer is also guilty of the threats against the Tanner siblings.


Michele Venne, after consistent distraction by the characters and scenes that unfolded on the movie screen in her mind, began recording her stories in 2004, and published her first novel in 2008. Michele’s first two publications, Of Gifts and the Goddess, set in historical Ireland, and Of Dolphins and Desires, a contemporary fiction that takes place in Mexico and California, are stand alone novels. Her fourth book, Of Prophecies and Promises, is the sequel to Of Stars and Secrets, both futuristic romantic thrillers. All of her books include an introductory “Dear Reader” letter and concludes with “Questions to Ponder”, as she encourages readers to contemplate their opinions and beliefs of societal ills. In between novel-length stories, Michele has penned two books of poems, Yogis All: A Journey of Transformation Volume I, and Lingering Hand of Creation. She taught for over 23 years in public education, working with at-risk teenagers who were not fond of school due to learning and emotional issues. After earning several other certifications, her quest to more artfully adapt to an evolving society led her to complete a 500-hour teacher training in Classic Yoga in 2009, and Yoga Nidra in 2012. Michele, living near Cave Creek, Arizona, now devotes herself to the joys of riding her horses, tutoring, writing, and yoga.