The Roanoak Series

A Story of Seven Brothers and Their Others

A witch betrayed curses the Roanoak lineage for seven generations. Nyla’s Curse gathers momentum as the seventh Roanoak brother is born and takes his first breath. Join Dane and Raven, Darius and Sophia, Gavin and Adele, Kaden and Gabrielle, Zander and Soren, Anson and Lila, and Rhys and Kiera as they find each other, return to Roanoak Castle, and attempt to break Nyla’s hex. It isn’t just Baltura, Nyla’s only remaining descendant they must battle, but the darker evil that drives him.


A Woman Scorned

Jameson Roanoak chose to wed another and sparks the beginning of this tale set in a mythical world of castles and swords and magic. The seven Roanoak brothers must locate their Others. Without women whose abilities compliment their own, the Roanoaks have no hope to break the Curse and return the land to prosperity. Though they scour the countryside and towns, spend many summers searching for another way, they discover only a battle to the death will end the war and plaques that brand the earth.

If the Roanoaks fail to break Nyla’s Curse, all will truly be lost. I invite you to turn the page and discover what the brothers have to give not just to each other, but to the women they cherish. Trust, family bonds, communication, teamwork, love, loss, independence, discovery, responsibility, and fate may or may not be victorious over greed, power, sickness, deception, black magic, death, and the evil that for seven generations has held the world in its grip.


Be open to possibility
-Michele Venné