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Want to Write A Book?


83% of Americans say they feel they have a book inside them. Many talk about writing a book, few begin. Of those few who begin, not many finish. For those who finish, sharing their work can be a daunting task. Taking a writing class, attending workshops, joining organizations, and finding writing and critique groups are all examples of what you can do to begin, or continue, your journey of writing a book. There are many steps to take from beginning to end. It’s a process that we learn about, along with learning about ourselves and our creative process. Some writers go it alone and figure it out through trial and error. Some writers prefer to have a guide who has walked the path to offer them advice, be a source of support, get them started, get them unstuck, and share the map that lays out steps to complete the artistic endeavor of writing and publishing a book.


Book Coaching Services

These are the active steps Michele follows in publishing a book: idea inception, handwritten first draft, typed first draft, beta readers, rewrites/edits/proofreading, cover image, front/back matter, formatting, upload to CreateSpace and Kindle, proof copy approval, web page added to website, book launch planning, celebration. What can she do to assist with your project?

Idea Inception:
$100 (up to 2 hrs.)

Have an idea, but not sure if there’s a market, how to organize your thoughts, or where to begin? A book coach can be a sounding board and a guide to get you started on your project. Discover why you write, if you’re a “pantser” or “plotter”, your options for publication, and have an outline to complete your book on deadline

Preparation for Publication:
$100 (up to 2 hrs.)

Besides completing the first draft and editing your work, there are the details of an ISBN, Front/Back Matter, Cover Image, Formatting, and Website/Page. The cover, formatting, and website have numerous options which will be discussed.

Proofreading $800 (up to 80K words)

Manuscript Critique $150 (up to 15 pages)

In order to polish your work for publication:
Developmental Edit (concept level), Substantive Edit (paragraph level), Copy Edit (sentence level) also available; please contact for pricing.



How do you know if you’re in need of a book coach?