When to Hire a Tutor

Photo by Michele Venne

It’s back to school time! Once the new-school-year jitters wear off, and students settle into their routine, parents may notice a struggle with homework or content taught in class. Now is the time to investigate whether hiring a tutor to support the student is the right action to take.

I always suggest talking with the teacher first. A phone conversation or brief meeting is better than email, as tone and emotion can be misconstrued in an email. Does the teacher have office hours? Can they meet with the student before or after school? Do they have suggestions on what the student can do to increase their understanding, their participation, or their grades? If a plan is developed and followed, and the student continues to struggle, then consider hiring a tutor.

Sometimes, parents and guardians wait too long, and the student falls further behind. The right tutor can make the difference between a successful year, and one of failure. Ensure you have a tutor who knows the content of the class, who can meet with the student on a regular basis, and agree upon a trial session to make sure the tutor and student get along.

No one gets through life on their own. Sometimes students need extra help to complete a class successfully. The right tutor can make the difference.