Time for Fun

Photo by Michele Venne

For a lot of reasons, kids are often better at finding something fun to do and making room for play than adults. If students at home aren’t taking summer school classes (and especially if they are), partaking in leisure activities in a time when the usual “fun things” are curtailed can be challenging.

This could be a great time for kids to practice their problem-solving skills! They are bored, or they need a break from their online classes. Grab a pen and paper and timer. Give the student three minutes to jot down what they think might be fun, no matter how outlandish or expensive. Encourage them to write down everything, as there is no right or wrong in brainstorming. If they have too much time, they’ll stall out and begin to self-edit their thoughts/choices/ideas.

After three minutes, have them choose one, and give them another three minutes to list everything they think they may need to know or have in order to do the activity. Then have a discussion. How possible is it for them to do their “fun thing”? Is there part they can do now, part later when restrictions change? Is there research that needs to be done to learn more? What materials are readily available?

From this simple exercise, students can learn/practice many skills: problem-solving, brainstorming, reasoning, goal-setting, time management, discovery of interests, research, exploring/sharing convincing arguments (as they “sell” you on their idea!). With so much of the world in flux, this could be a good time for some fun, and learn some life skills, too!