Starting Fresh

Photo by Michele Venne

With the start of a new semester around the corner, it might be worthwhile for students and parents to make a new plan for success.

Did the student have enough time to study before taking a test? Was homework completed and turned in when due? Were practice requirements (either for sports or dance or band) met? Do more/new materials need to be purchased (backpack, folders, uniforms, etc.)? Preparing now will make the beginning of the next semester less hectic.

If a student struggled with academic content this past semester, perhaps now is the time to seek a tutor. If the student earned the grade they intended, then maybe nothing needs to be changed. But take time for celebration. So often as adults we skip rewarding ourselves for a job well done. This makes life seem like nothing but work. We return to work refreshed (and derail burnout), if we take time to relax and celebrate.

Reflection, however, would prove success to be true or false. A conversation with the student regarding what they felt went right, where they fell short, or what they struggled with would shed light on a different way to complete tasks, one that might lead to an easier time of doing things, and therefore, success. Beginning the new semester with a fresh outlook sets up a student for a positive experience.