Roles That Assist Students

Photo by Michele Venne

In order for someone to be successful, they need to understand the expectations for that role. For some students, their behavior severely impacts their learning. When a conversation is had regarding the teachers’/parents’ expectations of them, and their agreement to abide by those standards, time together can be smoother and more productive.

The same is true for most of our relationships. It’s important for the student to know what is expected of them when they work with a tutor. Students can feel stupid or inept when they get help because their friends often don’t have a private teacher who meets with them and gives support. The one doing the tutoring also needs to understand their role. Are they meeting with the client for academic support such as homework completion? Are they supposed to be teaching organizational or study skills? What does the student need to have/learn/leave with?

The parent or guardian also needs to understand their role, such as ensuring the student is ready to meet the tutor each time, that they have the funds to pay for the support, etc. Once the expectations of what each person is responsible for are known to the others, then a clear path forward can be followed.

Perhaps that path may need to change or a detour might occur, but parents, the tutor, and the student need to understand the role they play for everyone to experience success.