Photo by Michele Venne

As the end of the semester draws to a close, students may need to consider their grades. If grades are satisfactory, then it’s time to prepare for finals. For high school students, grades determine credit which leads to graduation status.

Some schools have a block schedule, which can be set up in multiple ways. A local high school has 85-minute classes, so students can take a year-long course in one semester. These students, and college kids, are preparing for a new schedule next semester. Perhaps they aren’t looking forward to a tough class, so a tutor needs to be contacted now so dates/times can be established and both student and tutor are prepared.

In the next 2-3 weeks, most schools will end classes and close for the holiday season. Preparation for final exams and semester projects should be a top priority. Does the student have all the materials needed: past assignments, a study group, a tutor, office hours with the teacher, supplies for the project, time scheduled to research and write/compile the project or meet with the group? Is the student able to clear time—work, sports, extracurricular engagements—to prepare for, and complete, the end of semester requirements?

A few of my clients are preparing to return to campus. They look forward to having more support academically. I suggest they have strategies in place to deal with the stresses they will encounter, meet with a counselor to set up a schedule, and get their books, so their return is successful and seamless.

Without preparing for the next hurdle, students can find themselves sprawled on the track as others race past them to the finish line.