Plans for Summer

Photo by Michele Venne

For some, the official school year is over. For others, that date is looming closer. For the parents of school-aged children, the summer months may not be what they are looking forward to. With some places adhering to a lockdown, or some version of it, many locations students may usually visit during the summer might still be, and will remain, closed. Public pools, water parks, libraries, various camps, and on-campus summer school classes may have all been utilized in the past, but the pandemic conditions continue to show its uniqueness by keeping these off the calendar, at least for now.

The alternative? Branch out with digital learning. Instead of going away for summer camps, research camps made available via technology. There may also be small camps where students can participate in activities and keep up with social distancing and practice good hygiene.

If no pool is in sight, it might be an option to purchase an inflatable one for the backyard. Not big enough to swim laps, but it will allow for some cooling-off time and a place for imaginations to bloom.

Many universities and colleges are offering free online classes. Most K-12 school districts are also allowing students to take one free summer school class. This might be beneficial, if not much academic learning was happening the past year, or if a student wants to get ahead for the coming school year.

Books can still be borrowed from libraries. All it takes is an app on a device or visiting the website. Why not start a virtual book club? Keep a reading log and offer a treat at the end of summer, or when more options are open for business.

Developing and expanding world knowledge can also happen while physical locations are limited. The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, The Smithsonian shows, etc. all bring far away places into your home. Perhaps this summer will be one of a different type of learning and growth.