Next Year’s Classes

Photo by Michele Venne

Even though the semester has just started, many high schools will be registering students for classes for the fall. Some colleges and universities may already have their class schedules set for summer school and the following semester.

Now might be the time to decide what plans will be made for the summer break and where the student will focus their time in the next semester. Perhaps enrichment classes and workshops will spark an interest. And in this time of social distancing, these choices might be challenging to find. Or some career exploration will lead the student towards classes or a degree that require prerequisites. Summer can be a time to attend camps, fulfill internships, or do volunteer or part-time work in an area of interest.

Sometimes that interest leads to classes or a degree. And one never knows who they might meet or what connections can be made in these ventures into new classes, different workshops/seminars, or part-time jobs. It can begin with a decision to attend an interesting event that becomes a stepping stone for an even greater adventure, including an excited cry of, “Here we go!”