New Habits

Photo by Michele Venne

January is the month of resolutions. Did you know it was called ‘Veganary’, after the attempt of many to change their food consumption to eliminate all animal products?

Like gyms, yoga studios also receive an influx of new patrons. Some will stick around, others will leave when they become frustrated at their perceived lack of physical flexibility and strength. New students to yoga classes, and those at a gym, see results when there is consistency over a period of time. We know that showing up at the gym once a week for a month won’t net us what we hope to gain in strength, weight loss, better sleep, etc. The same is true for starting a yoga practice.

And, just like new habits take time to integrate into our lives, while all of our old stuff is still going on, if we try to instigate too much at one time, nothing sticks. If we’re wanting to begin, or return, to a yoga practice, three times a week in an asana class will ensure we see results. It’s those results that will keep us coming back.

Once we’ve created the habit of regularly attending asana classes, and we’re interested in a different diet, for whatever reason, then fade out one item that we consume. Change coffee to tea. Swap a beef burger for a veggie patty. Substitute a side salad for fries, oatmeal for eggs and bacon, or veggie minestrone for chicken noodle. Small steps, taken consistently, mindfully, will yield a more peaceful, healthful us in the new year.