Help with Online Learning

Photo by Michele Venne

For some students and families, these hot days of summer are just a continuation of distance learning and trying to figure out how to work from home and be a teacher and share the computer and bandwidth. For others, the start of school is a few weeks off. Here in Phoenix, schools are gearing up. Most may not be opening for students to be on campus.

If students and families struggled with distance learning throughout the school year, they might be in for more of the same. If your student was successful with online learning, congratulations. Remembering to build in breaks for stretching and snacks and time away from the screen is important. For students who find it difficult to spend hours in front of a computer to do work instead of play games, offer a reward for time/assignments completed.

If your student struggled with not being able to interact face-to-face with a teacher, then there might be more stress ahead. Hiring a tutor can help students who need more one-on-one time in order to understand concepts and complete assignments. However, a tutor may decide to help only through an online platform. In my experience, tutoring and delivering direct instruction to students via distance learning is aided by having a teacher help the student.

Students can share their screen from online classes, so the tutor can help with reading and understanding what is required. Document sharing helps when students are writing essays, so tutors can edit and give direction for information, reasons, and examples to include. Having a tutor takes the pressure off parents to know the curriculum and be able to help their student complete assignments and do well on assessments. A good tutor who develops a positive report with students not only helps academically, but also socially and behaviorally, and relieves pressure on the family.

As we slog through these remaining days of summer, allow students to have breaks, time away from the screen, rewards for completing tasks, and a tutor to support success.