Finish, and Begin

Photo by Michele Venne

For most students, there are a few weeks remaining in the fall semester. Some may be cruising along, completing assignments and passing tests with ease. Others may be struggling with content or class expectations. It’s not too late to offer support!

Conversations with teachers about what can be done to finish strong, or where a weakness is holding a student back, offers information to make a plan of improvement. Time with a tutor can be used to complete assignments, learn test-taking skills, improve study habits, and to brainstorm where the student feels stuck and how to move forward. And moving forward could mean that time with a tutor continues in the next semester. It could also set up a student for better organization and setting goals.

Even if a student is doing well, reflection on the semester, what worked, what didn’t, where there is room for improvement, and plans for the spring should be done. This could be a conversation, a flip through a planner, brainstorming dreams and goals, and deciding on what to work for and towards. But remember, without buy-in from the student, even the best built plans will be unsuccessful.