Education in Spring

Photo by Michele Venne

The fourth quarter in schools is about to begin. Students may be catching up with assignments, studying for mid-terms, or relaxing over Spring Break. The final push for the school year can either be on cruise control, or a scramble to pass classes. Fighting against some students is “spring fever”.

Students could feel that they’re done with the school year, and they just want their classes over so they can get on with summer. “Senioritis” will affect some close to graduation. They’ve been doing school a long time, but now they’re eighteen and can feel pressured to make it on their own.

Over the final nine weeks, it’s helpful to keep up with the same routines. Manage backpacks by cleaning them out and making sure every paper has a home. Track grades online and communicate with teachers should students fall behind on assignments or don’t make time to study for tests.

Electronics and peers can interfere with enough rest and proper nutrition, which affects educational learning and athletic performance. Incentives for finishing strong, for continuing with current success, and ideas for how to spend time over the summer break can help students build resilience and lifelong positive habits.