Begin Anew

Photo by Michele Venne

A new year can mean a fresh start in the classroom. Choose one area that needs improvement, not because it’s ‘bad’, but because there’s an easier way to do it.

If your student struggled with organization, a 3-ring binder with pocket folders for each class is one way to ensure every paper has a home. Setting up a weekly day for a backpack clean out is also helpful. Writing down assignments on a planner and checking them off when completed helps with organization, and also allows for celebrations.

If communication between teacher and parent wasn’t optimal, try having the teacher initial each day that the student recorded the assignment correctly. Teachers can also make comments regarding behavior so the parent can follow up with rewards or consequences.

If test-taking was the downfall, consider making an appointment with the teacher to receive extra help, signing up with a peer tutor, or hiring a teaching professional to come to your home and instruct the student on study skills or assist the student in reviewing the material before a test.

The second semester can end positively if steps are taken to ensure success. And those same steps can be turned into positive life habits, like setting goals and celebrating success.