Alternatives to Yoga Class

Photo by Michele Venne

Parks, trails, and some gyms are now open. Some yoga studios remain closed as they decide what to offer and how to handle social distancing in crowded classes. Many yoga teachers jumped online to give free classes at the beginning of the lockdown in order to offer not only their students, but anyone else interested in moving their body when limits prevented our usual routines. The studio I attended continued to offer those online options as they reopened their doors.

Perhaps you’re considering attending a class or trying an online option I mentioned previously. There are certainly benefits to a physical practice of any sort, even just walking your neighborhood. Besides boosting our mood and burning a few calories, moving our bodies reminds us of something we can control. When we feel uncertain, it can be linked back to a situation or event that is out of our control, such as a lockdown, closing of businesses, working from home, canceling vacations, and getting refunds for concerts and sporting events.

Concentrating on our physical presence for even 30 minutes a day can give us a sense of empowerment. We can decide which yoga class to follow online, which direction to go on our street, and how long to walk or ride a bike. If we get a little comfortable reminding ourselves what we can control, then maybe giving ourselves a little space for the uncertainty of when and how things will look in a new normal won’t be as foreboding as our minds can make it out to be. We’re on the cusp of summer, so why not learn how to move our bodies and grow our comfort with a little uncertainty?