A Bit of Reflection

Photo by Michele Venne

Now may be the time to review how things are going in regards to a student’s schedule. Classes have likely been going for some time. How are the grades? Is the student meeting with the teacher when there are questions or extra help is required? Does something need to shift so there’s room for rehearsals after school, sports practice, and club meetings? Is there still time for relaxing at home or with friends, despite the homework load, chores, and extracurricular activities? If not, now is the time to create that space.

As much as the brain is quick to engage in new and novel activities, it also needs time to assimilate learning, time for rest, time for quiet and creative endeavors that don’t require technology. Always being on the go and having a full calendar isn’t necessarily a sign of a successful life. Being over committed can add to stress levels and increase the risk of illness—physical and mental. Perhaps it’s time to throttle back on the busyness of the start of school or to choose one or two activities to focus on instead of five or six.

Be aware of the transition from activity to activity, or when a shift in schedule occurs. There may be a period of grief after the final night of a production where rehearsals have consumed hours and days, or a lull in physical activity that can be interpreted as “boredom” after a sports season ends. Don’t jump in to fill that time, but instead give the mind and body (and calendar!) a much needed break. When it’s time to schedule the next round of practices or meetings, they can be approached with a fresh and positive outlook.