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  • Using Yoga to Heal December 16, 2021
    I’ve mentioned before that most yoga happens off the mat, out in the real world. Due to an accident, I’m ...
    Michele Venne
  • Starting Fresh December 14, 2021
    With the start of a new semester around the corner, it might be worthwhile for students and parents to make ...
    Michele Venne
  • New Habits December 9, 2021
    January is the month of resolutions. Did you know it was called ‘Veganary’, after the attempt of many to change ...
    Michele Venne
  • Begin Anew December 7, 2021
    A new year can mean a fresh start in the classroom. Choose one area that needs improvement, not because it’s ...
    Michele Venne
  • Preparation November 30, 2021
    As the end of the semester draws to a close, students may need to consider their grades. If grades are ...
    Michele Venne