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  • Yoga Tools January 14, 2021
    In a yoga asana class, there are opportunities to practice many tools and techniques. For example, the breath. Even if ...
    Michele Venne
  • Online Learning January 12, 2021
    I’m often asked my thoughts about online schools/classes. It depends on the learner. I’m not one who learns well online. ...
    Michele Venne
  • Endings and Beginnings in a Yoga Class December 20, 2020
    Though the beginning of a yoga class can change, the ending is the same. Savasana (corpse pose) is the supine ...
    Michele Venne
  • Transitioning Endings and Beginnings December 20, 2020
    The end of the semester is a good time to review progress and success. Did the student pass their classes? ...
    Michele Venne
  • Teaching Gratitude November 21, 2020
    An unlimited amount of topics can be taught to students grades K-12. Some community members wish for schools to teach ...
    Michele Venne