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  • Asana at Home April 8, 2021
    Since I haven’t been in a place, physically, where I could again take up an asana practice, I’ve been thinking ...
    Michele Venne
  • Kids at Home April 6, 2021
    I’ve read comments the past year on social media about parents’ new-found appreciation for teachers. I hope parents have a ...
    Michele Venne
  • Education in Spring March 30, 2021
    The fourth quarter in schools is about to begin. Students may be catching up with assignments, studying for mid-terms, or ...
    Michele Venne
  • Change of Season March 25, 2021
    As we store the sweaters and take out the shorts, it’s also a time for switching up what we consume, ...
    Michele Venne
  • Flexibility as a Yoga Benefit March 11, 2021
    Unless we keep active, in a safe way, as we age, our bodies will become less flexible. Less flexibility in ...
    Michele Venne