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  • The Difference of a Yoga Practice July 29, 2021
    When we think of ‘practice’, we think of doing or thinking or saying something over and over until it becomes ...
    Michele Venne
  • School Choices July 27, 2021
    Here in Arizona, students, teachers, and parents are preparing to return to school. The usual supplies are on sale everywhere. ...
    Michele Venne
  • Cooling Yoga Practices July 8, 2021
    It seems natural in these hot days of summer that we reach for ice cubes to cool our drinks and ...
    Michele Venne
  • Help with Online Learning July 6, 2021
    For some students and families, these hot days of summer are just a continuation of distance learning and trying to ...
    Michele Venne
  • Play Dates June 29, 2021
    If the deadlines for swim lessons, summer reading programs, and camps were missed, now is the opportunity to make your ...
    Michele Venne