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Composed of seemingly unrelated strands, everything I offer is fueled by a deep passion to create and to teach. You’re invited to investigate unique educational materials, entertaining narratives, and experience the benefits of yoga.

Welcome! Here you’ll find an introduction to the products and services I offer my clients, guided by my joy of creating and teaching.

Teaching was my first career choice. I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a dual degree in Special Education, an emphasis on Emotionally Disabled, and Elementary Education. Moving on to University of Phoenix, I earned an endorsement for Learning Disabilities. Continuing at this institution, I completed my Masters in Educational Counseling. Understanding the importance of language in school and life success, and seeing many students struggle with reading and writing, I was trained as an Academic Language Therapist. After several years, I shifted my focus to mathematics. Using technology for discovery learning, as a tool for further investigation and data collection, and for assessment was a result of my training by Texas Instruments in their Technology for All Students (Tfas) and their Teachers Teaching with Technology (T3) programs.

Due to the amount of time, effort, and funds I had spent on growing my own education in order to help my students, I spent over ten years as a leader in Professional Development. I’ve presented workshops in the areas of reading, mathematics, and technology integration within the district, Arizona, and at international conferences. Though I’ve been a classroom teacher at the high school and middle school level, I’ve worked one-on-one with tutor and homebound students from second grade through college, from learning the alphabet to College Algebra. I currently hold six certifications in the State of Arizona, and have held positions at public, private, and charter schools, in Special Education and General Education classes.

Being a writer is not something I grew up thinking I would become. In high school, I enrolled in Honors English classes and earned A’s. Throughout college, I enjoyed writing assignments, whether essays or research papers. For years, I penned a yearly letter that was mailed to friends and family. Around 2002, part of a story kept replaying itself in my imagination, so I wrote down what I saw “on the movie screen in my head”. What turned out to be a prologue and the first three chapters of my first novel sat for a few years, but then was polished, and another five chapters were added, during a creative writing class I took at a local community college. In 2008, I finished the manuscript in three weeks. Due to unforeseen difficulties with a publisher, I decided to travel the road of indie publishing. Though I continue to create novels, I’ve broadened my writing to include poetry and short stories. Each book contains a Dear Reader letter at the beginning that includes some of my research. Concluding with Questions to Ponder, I invite readers to consider their thoughts regarding society issues illuminated on the pages within my books. I have spent time studying the craft of writing and have met many talented writers. I’m grateful to have the expertise and support of others that make bringing forth a manuscript from imagination to published pages possible.

I earned my CYT-500 because the difference yoga made in my life was so profound, I couldn’t keep it to myself. To further my education and my own practice, I completed training to be certified in Yoga Nidra. I have used both asana and Nidra with groups and individuals of various ages and physical abilities. I came to Reiki looking for another healing modality. I am certified through a practicing Master Healer. I have used Reiki with animals, human clients, and on myself.

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Education is my first career. My knowledge of how the brain learns, added to my ability to lead students to derive their own understanding through questioning and multiple approaches, has helped those I work with to succeed.

  • Arizona Elementary Certification K-8
  • Arizona Special Education Learning Disabilities K-12
  • Arizona Special Education Emotional Disturbed K-12
  • Arizona School Counselor K-12
  • Arizona Middle Grades Math 6-8, Arizona Math Endorsement K-8
  • Structured English Immersion K-12
  • California Standard Credential in School Counseling K-12
  • Academic Language Therapist
  • 500-Hour Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor
  • Certified Reiki Master Healer


International Book Awards
Of Art and Air, placed as a Finalist in Fiction: Romance, Of Hoof Prints and Heartbeats, won the category of Fiction: Romance, 2015.

Global Ebook Awards
Of Art and Air, won a Bronze in 2014 in Fiction: Romance, Of Hoof Prints and Heartbeats, won Silver for the cover art and Gold for the content, 2015.

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Every book release leads to an author signing! I can be found at author and artist events, and local bookstores for readings.

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