Composed of seemingly unrelated strands, everything I offer is fueled by a deep passion to create and to teach. You’re invited to investigate unique educational materials, entertaining narratives, and experience the benefits of yoga.


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What Can I Do For You?

Tutoring & Training portal

Tutoring & Training

I share my years of experience in the educational field by offering a multitude of brain-friendly, hands-on techniques to improve learning and increase school success.

Books & Writing portal

Books & Writings

I create descriptive, engaging, and entertaining romantic thrillers, short stories, and poetry that offer readers thought-provoking views of societal issues.

Yoga & Reiki portal

Yoga & Reiki

I encourage students to utilize my experience with Reiki and the techniques of yoga to realize the physical and mental benefits of the practice, and to uncover their inner joy.

The Latest from My Joy Enterprises

I continue to create a variety of products and services in order to inspire and assist others in experiencing more success and joy through my written words and teachings.


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Latest Book Release

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Upcoming Events

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