Support for Success


There are many reasons to hire a tutor. Sometimes students miss concepts that are needed for further skill development. If your child is struggling, I can help with understanding class content. End the homework battle, and improve the relationship with your child. I can assist students with assignment completion, project planning, and test preparation. Working with a tutor gives a student options to improve their study and organizational skills. For a student who chooses to excel at their level in school, I can offer on-going support. With my experience as a tutor and certified teacher, allow me to be a partner on your child’s journey to success.


Tutoring Services

Students require different levels of support. Some need to fill in gaps in specific content areas. Others need to learn skills they can apply to any class. I’ve developed my services to suit the needs of my clients, whether it’s to clear a particular hurdle or long-term assistance.

Academic Language Therapy

For students struggling with decoding, encoding, fluency, comprehension, or writing and need prescriptive instruction in order to experience success with the written word.


For determining the strengths and weaknesses in content areas and developing a plan to increase skills. This is an informal assessment, and can include a number of areas.

Study Skills

For students needing direct instruction for improving their organization and note-taking skills, understanding how to read a textbook, preparing for assessments, and planning for project completion.

On-going Homework Help

For students needing on-going support through the year with various subjects, including math, Language Arts, sciences, or social studies.

Direct Instruction

For students needing content explained in a different way, having missed school and need to catch-up, wanting to work through the summer to keep skills sharp, or work on advanced concepts.

$150.00/3 Hrs.

For students needing a few sessions to complete a project, study for finals, or help with a specific area that can be learned in a short time.

Group Tutoring

For parents needing to pool their resources with other parents, or who have more than one child needing support. This could be group instruction or general assistance.


Kind Words from Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

I can meet the student at their home, the public library, or other mutually agreed upon setting.

There is no cancellation charge if I’m given at least 4 hours notice prior to the session, otherwise the full session fee is owed.

My rates are set per hour, but are pro-rated based on the length of time I spend with the student.

I tutor students in grades 3-12, college students, and adults taking continuing education classes.

I work with students in all subjects, up to Trigonometry and Chemistry, and I can’t help with World Languages.

I have a background working with Special Ed. students, but not students diagnosed with Autism.

No. My clients and I have always been able to commit to a verbal agreement.

Paying per session or in advance can be discussed with each client.

Parent Workshops to Support Students

Some parents, due to time or financial constraints, prefer to learn how to help their children in school instead of hiring a tutor. I’ve developed these workshops to teach parents strategies to use with their students to support them in school success.

school success workshops by Michele VenneSchool Success: 4 Crucial Tips to Increase Your Child’s LearningParents of students grades 3-12 are offered ideas to organize backpacks, folders, and home study areas. Fun ways to practice class content will be shared. Materials will be provided and projects taken home to be used throughout the school year.

This Workshop Will Teach You:

5 ways to end the homework battle
The 4 modalities through which students learn and how to use them to improve understanding and test scores
Easy ways to incorporate world culture into your child’s life and how it translates to more school engagement
Basic understanding of the Common Core Standards and how to support your child in the changing school climate

school success workshops by Michele VenneLovely Language: 3 Critical Steps to Help Your Child Improve Their Reading and Writing Skills Parents of students grades 3-12 are offered ideas to help their students increase vocabulary, improve writing skills, and support independent reading skills. Engaging activities for practicing these areas will be shared. Materials will be provided.

This Workshop Will Teach You:

3 Fun activities to expand your child’s vocabulary
Quick and easy ideas to support everyday writing
5 Components of reading and how they improve test scores

school success workshops by Michele VenneMagical Mathematics: 4 Creative Ways to Help Your Child Remove Math Struggles and Understand Math Better Parents of students grades 3-12 are offered ideas to help their students learn math vocabulary, realize we use math every day, and reduce math anxiety. Fun and easy games to practice math concepts and skills will be shared. Materials will be provided.

This Workshop Will Teach You:

3 Ideas to make learning math vocabulary more interesting
Fun and easy math games to practice everything from facts to Geometry and Algebra
Concepts and skills we use every day to answer the question, “Why do I have to learn this?”
How constructing understanding reduces anxiety and improves grades