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Romantic Suspense, Short Stories, Poetry

Since 2008, I have published romantic suspense that taps into the broad spectrum of human emotions, short stories that touch all genres, and thoughtful poetry on topics from life to love to imagination.

Though I write primarily romantic suspense, my stories span from historic settings to some futuristic time, and sometimes include touches of mystery, paranormal, and science fiction. Like my novels, the short stories that I create are descriptive, page-turning adventures with unforgettable characters. There aren’t many subjects that I don’t approach in my poetry. All of my books include a Dear Reader letter to introduce the topics highlighted in my stories, and conclude with Questions to Ponder, to encourage readers to contemplate their opinions and beliefs of societal issues.

Latest Book Release

Inspiration for creativity is all around us. Creative Play: A Guide for the Artistic Path leads readers on a journey to the joy that can be found when art is made a priority in one’s life. From beginning in the present moment, to how practice shines a light on the growth of the artist, to what to do to overcome creative blocks, to when to share one’s art with others, this guide offers questions and exercises that invite the reader to make art as a form of play.


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Award Winning Author

Only recently did I submit my novels for independent judgment. Global Ebook Awards gifted my novels with a Bronze, a Gold, and two Silver Awards, one for the cover art. One novel was a finalist, while another novel won the Fiction:Romance category from the International Book Awards.

Book awards

Book Awards

Writer to Author Workshop

Have you thought about writing a book? 81% say they have a book inside them. Join me to learn what goes into readying a manuscript for publication, publishing options, and marketing ideas. In Part I, structured time will be offered for inspired writing and optional sharing. I’ll introduce you to the many approaches of the publishing industry, as each path of offering a writer’s work to the world requires particular steps.

For Part 2, there’s more Muse Juice (prompts!) followed by marketing ideas and how to care for the writer inside you.

This workshop explores ways of getting your work into the hands of readers and setting yourself up as an author and business owner. During, and after, the writing of your book and its launch, there are ways to nurture yourself so the creativity continues to flow. I’ll share my knowledge and experience on how to keep creative blocks from arising, and how to remove them if they do show up.


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